Aftercare Instructions:


1.  Your new tattoo will leave with a thin layer of A&D ointment, and will be wrapped with plastic wrap. Leave the wrap on overnight. Take the wrap off the next morning, and gently wash the tattooed area with your fingertips and liquid antibacterial hand soap and hot water.


2.  Keep direct water contact (i.e. showers) to 5-10 minutes to minimize water absorption by the tattoo. Soaking your tattoo (via actual water contact or humidity from showering) will result in scabbing and color loss. This means no baths, long showers (even if you're trying to keep the tattoo dry during), hot tubs, swimming, saunas, etc.


3.  After gently washing, pat your tattoo dry and allow it to air dry for 15 minutes. Massage aftercare ointment into the tattoo area. Do this entire process  3-5 times a day for at least two weeks. Thoroughly massage the tattoo until the aftercare ointment has absorbed and then continue massaging for an additional 30 seconds.  If there is any aftercare ointment left on the skin after 60 seconds of massaging, you are using too much. The point of this exercise is more in the massage than the aftercare ointment.  Massaging breaks up blood clots, preventing scabs, and stimulates circulation which helps the healing process.


4.  A tattoo is an open wound for a few days.  Treat it as such, do not touch your tattoo with out washing your hands first! 


5.  No sunlight or tanning beds for 3-4 weeks after being tattooed. The damage done to the skin while tattooing is similar to a sunburn and will be sensitive to heat (via tanning bed, hair dryers, etc) as well as sunlight.


6.  Your tattoo will peel like a sunburn about a week after application.  It will look like your tattoo is peeling off. Don't panic!  Don't pick or scratch at it!  Just continue on with your regular wash and massage schedule.


7.  A fully healed tattoo can be treated with sun block SPF 50 or higher.  UV exposure from sunlight or tanning beds will fade the color  and decrease the longevity of your tattoo.